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How To Make Your Water Work Harder.

A typical cup of coffee is 98% water — and the quality of that water will make or break a great coffee. In fact, the brewing water’s impact is nearly as important as the coffee itself and how it has been roasted.

Cafes around the world utilise filtration systems with variable settings to get the best out of their local water and brew great coffee with it. These systems are usually calibrated with a simple test that determines the water hardness in that location. A harder water will need more filtration than a softer water.

Different Waters for Different Coffees.

Peak Water is designed to encourage you to experiment with Peak Water’s settings, so you can build bespoke water for brewing specific coffees, or tailor the Filter to your taste.

The recommended settings for Peak Water will make most coffees taste great. However, variables like the type of coffee and the way it has been roasted, mean that slight changes to your water settings can be made to really maximise the coffee’s flavour.

Ask Your Roaster

Roasters around the world check their coffees using their local water — tweaking roast profiles to taste best at that specific location. Reach out to your favourite roasters and find out the kind of water they brew with. Use Peak to mimic the roastery water and unlock the full potential of your favourite coffee.


Most teas benefit from a relatively soft water. Green teas and teas with body like Sencha can benefit from a higher mineral content. Experiment with Peak Water’s variable settings to tailor your tap water and bring the best out of your tea.

Going Beyond the Recommended Settings

Espresso / Strong

Adjust Peak Water to a slightly lower number setting. The higher mineral content in the resulting water will help balance the increased acidity that comes with a more concentrated coffee.

Floral and Aromatic

Floral coffees, like Geishas, benefit from a very soft water that allows all of aromatics to shine through. Set Peak Water to the maximum setting of 5 for these coffees.

Fruity and Complex

Fruit-driven and less aromatic coffees can benefit from water with a higher mineral content, providing body and balance. Set Peak Water to a slightly lower number setting to create a harder water in this instance.

Roast Profiles

Use a slightly higher setting for darker roast coffees and a lower setting for lighter roast coffees. A darker roast coffee will become cleaner and sweeter with a softer water, whereas a lighter roast can benefit from a harder water to bring out more complexity.



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